Southport’s Independent Boutique Gym & Personal Training Centre

Looking for a fresh workout experience in Southport’s latest state-of-the-art boutique gym facility? Located on the waterfront promenade and within a 5-minute walk from the town centre, From The Block Fitness provides a clean, hygienic and energetic fitness centre stocked with the latest strength, cardio and functional equipment to give you all the tools necessary to achieve the workout you dreamed of.


With over 2500 sq. ft of space to explore, you’ll find everything you need for a full-body workout without feeling cramped or self-conscious. Our friendly staff are always on hand to provide support when you need it. All equipment is of course regularly sanitised so you can get on with focussing on your training goals.


Why not become a member of our fully equipped gym? We have flexible pricing options to suit you with no joining fee. From £5 pay-as-you go day passes, to 12-month membership for £275 for outstanding value. We also offer special family passes and under-18 membership to cater to your needs whatever your circumstances.
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Personal Training

We offer in-person training in a private training facility. We are not a large members’ gym, so the numbers in the main workout area are always kept to a minimum. It’s just you, your personal trainer and all the equipment you need for a great session in a space that will feel as near to completely private as you can get in a commercial gym.

Join our PT Team?

If you’re a qualified PT and you’re interested in coming to join our friendly team, get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

Nutrition & Dietary Advice

Diet and nutrition are key factors in boosting your overall wellbeing, stamina and fitness. Our personal trainers are experts in guiding you on how to eat and drink depending on your personal circumstances, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass or simply feel more alert throughout the day. Speak to one of the specialists and organise a personalised diet plan today. For more information on nutrition, check out our blog.

Fitness Classes For All Levels

We offer circuit training classes for all levels of fitness – whether you’re a beginner or looking for a more advanced workout, our friendly team provide different exercises to make sure you get the most out of your circuits session. Why not book a class and see for yourself?